How important is your own personal conduct and lifestyle to the success of your business? 

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July 9, 2017
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How important is your own personal conduct and lifestyle to the success of your business? 

If you ask experts, most will tell you it is very important.  While the conduct of your employees is important when they are on the clock, representing your business, the truth is that you are representing your business 24/7.  This means that no matter where you are and what you are doing, it will have a direct impact on the success (or failure) of your company.

Take, for example, the business owner who lives his or her life with exactly the same values as he or she holds when running the business.  They take integrity, honesty and value seriously and walk the talk, so to speak.  When existing and potential customers interact with this business owner in their private lives and discover that the philosophy they present during business hours is the same as the personal philosophy they hold outside of normal business hours, they begin to build a reputation for being genuine.  It is this genuiness that creates a loyal customer base and encourages other types of advertising that can’t be bought, such as word of mouth advertising.  This is something that all companies strive to be able to do, but many fail.  This is because so many business owners want to be able to present one face to the public, but have a completely different persona after hours.

A common issue among many different business owners is OWI.  In many cases, a night spent enjoying a few drinks with clients or networking with other professionals can quickly turn into a nightmare after making the decision to drive home and getting pulled over for OWI.  An OWI not only has a plethora of personal consequences, business owners face the additional problem of losing business.  You can see the direct impact these behaviors have and even see arrest records here.

The main reason that small business owners find it difficult to conduct business after an OWI arrest and conviction is that arrest records are public record.  This means that when a potential customer does his or her research regarding the company they want to do business with, the owner’s arrest record and profile can quickly be uncovered.  Many customers won’t or don’t differentiate the difference between a business owner’s conduct in his or her personal life and they way they conduct business, meaning that companies where the owner or managing partner winds up having run ins with the law often face a loss of credibility in the public eye which often leads to the need for closure.

OWI is not the only crime that has a negative impact on those who own and operate a small business.  But it is often the most common one.

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